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ZTE is a leading global provider of integrated communications solutions. Company for more than 140 countries and regions, telecommunication operators to offer innovative technology and product solutions that enable users to enjoy the world of voice, data, multimedia, wireless broadband, such as full communication. Founded in 1985, listed on Hong Kong and Shenzhen is China's largest listed telecommunications equipment.

ZTE has the communications industry's most complete, end to end product line and integration solutions through a full range of wireless, cable, business, communication terminal products and professional services, flexible to meet the global differences between the different needs of operators and rapid innovation pursuit. 2010 operating income of ZTE reached 70.264 billion yuan in the international market to achieve operating income 38.066 billion yuan, an increase of 27.45%, the proportion of total operating revenue reached 54.18%. Which Europe and North America revenue grew 50%, the proportion of total operating income increased to 21% for the first time become the largest proportion of ZTE's overseas income area, system and terminal products are full-service high-end market in Europe at the top operators.

ZTE adhere to the continuous technological innovation continue to create value for customers. In the United States, France, Sweden, India and China, a total of 15 global R & D institutions, more than 30,000 domestic and foreign R & D staff to focus on technology innovation in 2010, with 1,863 international patent applications, ranking ranking second in the world, the communications industry first. Companies rely on 107 globally distributed offices, with the increasing innovation, outstanding flexibility to customize the ability to deliver the improving ability to win the trust of customers around the world and cooperation.

ZTE members of the United Nations Global Compact, adhere to the worldwide implementation of sustainable development, to achieve social, environmental and stakeholder harmony. We use communication technology to help people from different areas have equal freedom of communication; we will be "Innovation, integration, green" concept throughout the entire product life cycle, and research and development, production, logistics, customer service, so the whole process, in order to achieve a global reduction tireless efforts of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. We also carried out within the global community welfare and relief operations, participated in the tsunami in Indonesia, Haiti and other natural disasters, earthquake relief, and the establishment of China's largest "child special fund."

The future, ZTE will continue to lead the global communications industry, respond to more rapid global communications challenges.

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