The Kang Jia group purchases through the type metal survey gate

The Kang Jia group was established May, 1980, was located in the scenery beautiful Shenzhen bay bank. After more than 20 years fast development, Kang Jia grew into the total assets 10,000,000,000 Yuan, the net assets 3,000,000,000 Yuan, the year sales revenue more than 130 hundred million Yuan large-scale electronic information industry group, with internal and external going on the market public joint stock system company. Company existing total capital stock 602,000,000, the Huaqiao Cheng group is the first major stockholder. The company leads the service to involve the multimedia expense electrons, the mobile communication, the information network, the automobile electron, as well as upstream primary device and so on many industrial domains. Is the Chinese color television profession and the handset profession backbone Leading enterprise, once continuously four years were situated Chinese electron hundred strong 4th, are the national 300 Key enterprises and Guangdong Province, Shenzhen support the development with emphasis the export-oriented High-tech enterprise group. The Kang Jia group established the science and technology from the being established beginning to be popular business the developmental strategy. Facing the formidable competitor and the stern market environment, as early as in the early-1990s, Kang Jia took the lead in the domestic colleague to establish the product technology R&D center day by day, and the research and development system which and innovated unceasingly by the advanced research and development idea one practices step by step is eagerly anticipating the tidal current the lofty goal. At present, Kang Jia already has mastered many key technologies and the partial core technologies in the color television and the handset research and development domain, and has formed the unique product research and development superiority. In more than 20 year wind and cloud opportune moments, in the Chinese native place and even the international market, the Kang Jia company careful and intensive cultivation, makes devotedly, globally established the system to be complete, response fast marketing network. At present, the company in domestic has 80 marketing subsidiary companies, several hundred sales to pass through the battalion headquarters, as well as more than 3000 service mesh points. In the international market, Kang Jia through sets up the subsidiary company, the establishment commerce representative office, the overseas to put up a factory, as well as the establishment customer alliance and so on many kinds of ways, formed initially have been able to satisfy the globalized strategy the market operation system. At present, company's overseas service has developed to South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Americas and so on more than 80 countries and the area. Kang Jia is appearing by a world-class electronic enterprise's image in the international market. Future Kang Jia, take will expend multimedia electronic, the mobile communication, the information network and the automobile electron as the core business, take will construct the technology will be in the lead the Multinational corporation as the goal, will devote in makes a service multiplication and the market multiplication, has the global influence electronic information product Manufacturing firm, will become has the global competitive power strong trend electron brand.

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