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Work security door

Work security door
First, the security gate principle
Crystal produced by the 3.5-4.95M sinusoidal oscillation frequency by the divider around the 7.8K sine wave, the transistor and the coil and enter the door to power amplifier (7 districts) launched a large electromagnetic coil, the door 1 - Area 6 coils to receive. Received, the received signal and reference signal were compared to detect changes, changing the capture card output level, CPU at 300 ms in 6 location acquisition card data scan to determine the metal where the location and output. Spherical metal goalkeeper has the edge of the original, not very stable combination of the magnetic field re-arranged a new more stable magnetic field, which means that compared to other materials, the metal door with a greater stability. This is the metal door of the advantages: the metal, gold, improve the sensitivity and stability.
Second, the structure
1, the door structure: from a large coil, 6 small coil, the compensation coil and graphite composition.
2, the chassis structure: by the power board, display panels, boards, capture cards and other components.
Third, the probe detected when the CPU processes a set of → → IR is blocked if the data acquisition card was detected by changes in the other group → alarm → test → reset to re-infrared detection.
Four different occasions using the attention points
1, the factory anti-theft:
① Install solid, try to recommend the installation of high-frequency equipment away from the area to remove the interference generated by false positives, crossfire.
② rain, sun, outdoor installation, preferably with awning and other facilities to increase service life.
③ installation try to stay away from large metal objects.
④ prevent movement of metal objects nearby.
2, entertainment (public places): Install a solid, room requirements can be found. (Stable> sensitivity), adjust the sensitivity adjustment from the lowest.
Five, debug guide: from low sensitivity to high sensitivity testing, the first door sensitivity setting is low, can not detect the object, no alarm so far, and then followed by heightened sensitivity of single-zone, to be able to detect the required items.
Sixth, common problems and solutions:
1, can detect objects: general easy to magnetic metal, the magnets easily object, such as silicon, iron, copper, alloys and other objects. However, if the scattered objects, such as powder metal, wire and metal detection is not easy. Metal can detect a one-dollar coins as the standard, such as customer specific materials can be requested to provide samples for testing.
2, frequently asked questions: A: Installation, distinguish left and right door on the left (4P plug), right (3P plug), plug firmly, not reversed. B: do not check the strength of the alarm is lit, infrared counts are normal.
Specific issues: (1) can not boot: ① power indicator light, test the power box is plugged in firmly, without question, test tubes and the power part of the insurance line is properly connected. ② power indicator does not light, test plug is plugged into the line sailing firm, the power cord is good. (2) IR does not count: whether the plug firmly test the infrared, infrared head is to be shielding. (3) does not alarm: ① strength Always, testing whether there is interference around, trying to change the frequency conversion crystal. ② Inspection Infrared is normal. (4) Alarm a long time: set the alarm time testing and infrared counts are normal. (5) Series pole: test whether there is interference. (6) LCD door water phenomenon: testing LCD panels are being squeezed, loosen the screws after the LCD panel.
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