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Security doors use standard detection

Detector gate security after the purchase must be aware of the following uses, no matter how good the product, if not properly used and maintained, its performance can not function properly, life will not be too long; so before using the product must first understand the product, cooked Read product descriptions, proper operation and maintenance!

First, the security Detector Installation Notes

1, in addition to detection of the whole rain-type security doors, other models can not detect the door rain, must be stamped with the use of open-air canopy.

2, probe 1 meter around the door can not have a large metal objects, such as iron walls, gates, elevators, large iron posts and so on.

3, the detection of doors must be fixed firmly to avoid collisions caused by wind or shaking their bodies.

4, generates the magnetic field away from the object, such as distribution boxes, electrical equipment.

Second, by providing security Detector

1, can not crash through the door.

2, the line followed by, not crowded, not deliberately slow.

3, no alarm, before a person can go out the door by a second person; alarm, such alarm to be stopped before it is passed.

4, when the door through the outside metal objects can not have people to carry through.

Third, the maintenance of security Detector

1, the door surface stains can be used wet wipe.

2, traces of oil, and stains can be more difficult to clean up the water that day, alcohol, hand water to clean.

3, more than 2 hours a day to be shut down to prevent overheating and reduce long-term performance of components.

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