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How to choose the metal security door

Metal security door has been every family, and how to choose the metal security door? Here we do some detailed description of metal security doors to buy, I hope to be
The help.
At first, the metal is limited to airport security gate, a crucial point in the field of use, and then extended to prisons, courts, government and other important departments, and various gatherings such as sports, exhibitions and other field
By. To 90 years China's rapid economic growth, trade and economic activities have become increasingly developed, general business, entertainment also went to use the metal security gate from the professional market gradually spread to the civilian market. In recent years, the metal security gate has also been a growing number of manufacturing enterprises (such as gold and silver jewelry factory, the electronics industry products factory, Metal Factory, Mint, etc.) of all ages to use for security. In addition to the college entrance examination, driver's license exam and other occasions, installation of metal security doors to prevent candidates who bring mobile phones, MP3 / 4 and other tools to cheat. Therefore, Guilin Pan-Asian Sales Director, Shi Wei Electronics Co., Ltd. will be the application of the metal security gate summarized into three areas: security testing, security, anti-cheating.
It is because of the metal security gate to expand the scope of application, the current market conditions there have been some new changes, on the one hand, many non-professional users, they are generally the principle of equipment, the use of techniques such as poorly understood; the other hand, Some vendors in order to highlight the advantages of their products, promote the performance of the product there on the "speculation" phenomenon, which makes the current market seems to be rather confusing and complex, the urgent need for the application of the guidelines and education markets.

With the gradual development of the metal security doors, more and more areas are beginning to use the metal security gate, as some important research institutes or laboratories, to take copies of relevant staff to prevent important data U disk or hard drive; in a These special occasions, such as important bidding site, conferences, forums, etc., are prohibited to prevent initiates recording, camera equipment. Some industry insiders also believe that the metal security gate can be applied to banks, Internet cafes and other fields, to prevent access to those who carry knives, guns and other items caused by security incidents. But so far, metal security door in the bank, the application of the field of small cafes, and only a small amount of bank vault powerhouse applications. With the emphasis on government-related issues, the introduction of the State Council issued a similar 2006,2008, "Entertainment Management Ordinance" to regulate the safety management of Internet cafes is not impossible, will be also broaden the application of the metal security gate. Interview also learned some Chinese manufacturers are trying to present to the foreign brands line, hopes to enhance the technological content of their products to enter the airport area.

Lack of market awareness of product users

Users of the principle structure of metal security doors do not understand the errors caused by product purchase. To location, for example, in general, metal security door according to its height is divided into six zones, from bottom to top were 1,2,3,4,5,6 area. 1 to 6 areas for the location sensitivity, the sensitivity of the size of each district can be fine-tuning. In terms of overall sensitivity adjustment, but also can adjust the sensitivity of the total, which is called the seventh district. An industry that aims to establish the location of the various metal objects can be distributed, multi-location at the same time the alarm and accurately determine the location of metal objects. Manufacturers advertised their products too much more than location, may mislead the purchase. Another example of digital technology, professional analysts pointed out: "All digital metal security gate is to be able to analyze the signal characteristics of all metals, the intelligent, automated processing, and manifested through the product." Metal security gate current analog circuits do not with intelligent signal processing, digital circuits can only identify a subset of metal properties, the so-called "all-digital metal security gate," in fact only part of the digital implementation.

In addition, the installation of metal security doors also need expertise, so if the user installation and commissioning products, technical control is not in place, but also affect the product performance more easily played. According to market feedback showed that the current lot can not correctly detect the target situation, the operator may be the result of omission of the sensitivity be adjusted, it may be too strong around sources of interference caused by false positives. Therefore, the installation process should be noted: according to the actual needs of applications to set the sensitivity, detection sensitivity set too high false alarm rate can easily lead to an increase, too low and prone to omissions; metal security gate around 1 to 3 meters should not be large pieces of metal objects or movement there, the installation location should be away from the wires, communication cables, wireless radio, remote control switches, power tools and other interference sources, in order to avoid outside interference; several metal security gate at the same time use, it is best to maintain a certain distance and set of different frequencies to avoid mutual interference detection accuracy and stability. This pragmatic: to buy products according to their needs

The various environmental conditions, the special requirements of different customers, the current metal security door manufacturers in the early simply on the basis of product features, and gradually developed some new features to meet market needs

Another example is waterproof. When applied to the metal security gate outside applications, such as applied to a metal factory gate to prevent employees from carrying metal factory, you have to have some rain water features to suit the environment can be normal operation. But persistent rain, metal security door of the real function of the role of water is relatively limited. With the number of tenders have explicitly requested the metal security door products must have waterproof, leading many manufacturers to gradually developed this feature.

Another example is shock. When the body or belongings through metal security doors, and other items around inevitably collide with the metal security gate, with a shock of the metal security door will not be generated because of the unexpected collision of false positives.

In addition, the metal security door alarm also has a variety of tone, precise positioning, sensitivity, auto scan, self-test function, the English menu, remote control, dual password protection, alarm count and other functions to meet the corresponding demand.

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