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Security door into the court to lead the move was puzzling

"A few days ago, I went to the more urban courts work, are required to carry out stringent security checks. Last year, I have to go to court work, have not seen this 'bucket', I do not know why the court set the Road 'obstacles'." Recently, members of the public Chung calling reporters, reflected in the District Court when the case of the more "security door", and he felt the court should not set the "threshold." In this regard, the Court explained the more urban areas, and that the staff can come to understand and work with the Court's approach.

A few days ago, Mr. Chung Court's advisory matters to the more urban areas, are required to have a security door to door. After a security door, and the bailiff holding the detector security for Mr. Chung. Originally, Mr. Chung had felt my heart when security doors uncomfortable holding the detector close look at security personnel, he flatly refused, attend to the things to do, walk out. "Such strict security, so I feel like I will not be respected too." Chung said he thought that courts are public places, public consultation should not have to work so strict inspection.

To this end, the reporter made a special trip to Vietnam to experience the city court and for understanding. As soon as the main entrance into the court building, had to suffer a security gate, followed, with security personnel had to take the detector check again to reporters, but also comes with items through security systems, security check as the entire process. Meanwhile, reporters saw a door in the security notice above the explicit: Do not bring guns, knives and other instruments with similar functions or sticks and other controlled substances and flammable materials, corrosive chemicals and other dangerous items into the court.

Security personnel, Wang told reporters, "This system is set up in August last year, since inception, has already uncovered a number of dangerous goods, such as knives, and pesticides." In this regard, the more City Court Office official explained that last year, violence in the province's courts at all levels against the law and the conflict between the parties related to 50 pieces. To this end, the Supreme Court provides that the relevant court must be equipped with security systems to ensure the personal safety of judges and other parties. "I hope people who come to the Court's advisory work to understand and work with us." The official said.

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