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Expert interpretation of how much radiation screening equipment

Subway, train station, airport security equipment in the radiation is "wounded people"? We must be clear:

● staff through the security doors are metal detectors, rather than the X-ray device, the inspection of goods is the X-ray.

● From the data, the standard-ray security machine leaks radiation dose and the natural environment, close to background values, not the sidelines after a radiation hazard.

Recently, the media reported that the Shenzhen Metro-ray security machine may leak there, after some security machine Shenzhen Metro suspended, the Provincial Department of Environmental Protection has issued a document required to carry out ray devices across the province to inspect the enforcement of environmental protection. Aftermath is not broken, there are still many people worried about their security machine has been exposed, has been nuclear radiation? Pregnant women are more worried about security abdominal machine will hurt the baby? Director of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital Department of Nuclear Medicine, China Medical Doctor Association Medical Association, vice president of nuclear Professor Jiang Ningyi said, "radiation" daunting, in fact, radiation is everywhere, and people's lives, "it can be said , along with the rays of human evolution. "

Bacheng radiation from natural

Professor Jiang Ningyi introduced the "radiation" from natural radiation and artificial radiation, 80% of the body received from natural radiation, including cosmic rays in outer space, radon gas, natural substances found in nature in the ordinary radioactive radiation . Our surrounding soil, air, housing, oceans, rivers, grain, vegetables and drinking water, etc., contain trace amounts of radionuclides.

The remaining 20% ​​of man-made radiation, the most important medical radiation, the hospital's radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy will use the "radiation" diagnosis and treatment of disease. In addition, the industry also has the use of "radiation" on the principle of industrial testing, agriculture, radiation breeding, daily disinfection of radiation, nuclear power plants, etc., all use of radiation to improve the quality of life initiative. In short, as long as the rational use of radiation is safe, that could benefit mankind. "Radiation" indeed hazardous to health, but the prerequisite is excessive contact.

Security is far less than the medical X-radiation equipment

Subway, train station, airport security equipment, is to detect objects of a device, the type many, the most common is the channel X-ray machine. Get through the security machine object X image, images through computer processing, the computer screen, you can identify the image and assess the safety of objects. Professor Jiang Ningyi introduced the "It's like the hospital for examination of human X, but X-dose medical X device is much higher than the security machine, medical chest X-ray machine tube electric current is 50 times the security machine."

Security inside the studio must have a certain dose of X-rays, but only our luggage into the object to be examined, will not enter the human body and, therefore, not exposed to radiation. According to media reports, the recent Guangdong Environmental Protection Bureau Director Li Qing government portal also accepts online interview responses, airports, railway stations, subway and other public places of security for people and goods, respectively, and staff through the security gate is the metal detector, rather than X-ray device for inspection of goods is the X-ray, so the staff would not be through the security X-ray irradiation.

So, from the detection of objects next to the device through the X-ray, it will not be subject to radiation? Professor Jiang Ningyi that, generally speaking, one after the security inspection machine will not have this possibility, it should be safe. From the data, security is standard with natural radioactive radiation leakage dose values ​​close to the background. According to media reports, the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Li Qing interview, also said its Web site, according to United Nations-related technical reports, in the vicinity of X-ray screening machine for 5 hours before the equivalent of a medical chest X-ray, it will not on the surrounding population health impact.

Medical X examination hurt

Well, since doses of medical X-X is much higher than the security equipment machine, then a medical check "tough shoot" dangerous? Professor Jiang Ningyi that any impact of radiation on the human body, depending on the amount of time by radiation, by radiation of the total, by the irradiation time, as well as the body of the regulatory function of the radiation.

Medical radiation exposure using a basic principle: to justify exposure to radiation, optimization and dose limits. That patients need to be taken only for the treatment of radiation detection and treatment, radiation treatment of choice is the most superior technology and equipment, hospital radiologists are "ray" professionals and ensure that patient safety in certain limited range of to accept a small amount of radiation, so patients need to have this fundamental psychological burden.

○ hot spot analysis

"Shenzhen Metro security machine," the key point is the controversial events around the machine with or without radiation leakage security. It is reported that Shenzhen nuclear and radiation management center staff have done testing, screening machines from the machine side of the machine surface 5 to 10 cm, the staff use handheld test instrument data obtained is 0.1 ~ 0.2μSv / h (-ray radioactive dose rate units).

Professor Jiang Ningyi analyzed, the data measured with the natural radiation environment similar values, that is, the basic side of the machine there is no radiation leak.

According to media reports, the staff again luggage detector entrance into the machine about 10 cm, where the measured value is 0.7 ~ 0.8μSv / h. Therefore, the baggage screening machines highest entrance radiation exposure, the greater the distance from the screening machine, the smaller the amount of radiation leakage.

Professor Jiang Ningyi analyzed, according to China's "Ionizing Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources basic standards" (GB18871-2002) provides for a calculation, a person standing security entrance about 10 cm machine 52 days does not move, only up to one year of limit the amount. Therefore, the exposure to radiation is actually very low, not enough to cause radiation damage on the human body. After a screening of pregnant women abdominal machine will not affect the baby, do not worry and panic.

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