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In his dream, he is a metal detector to restore

He collected the dream, is a metal detector restoreSee this title, may have many friends ask you, to want to say? In fact, I would say, this is very simple, in my friend explain.I body in the example below, a very close friend, he sticks a thing of the past, like collecting things, ring jewelry, let alone, like a treasure hunt" Mummy" story, love to see him in archaeology, he used to go to the museum also has very strong interest, even he will attend some archaeology seminar. But recently, he ran into trouble, he complained to me, said he collected loss at home downstairs grass very precious gold and silver jewelry, and find how to find, but he must say something where, because of the loss, he stood in the absence of other people know, nobody searched.The reasons, he to tell me, because we know, more than 10 years, and I do the business on Internet, my experience is more extensive than a, he asked me, there is a tool, can detect metal. I think, find a metal tool, instead of a metal detector? I told him, having a tool, can retrieve metal objects, called metal detectors.He asked me, the apparatus where you can buy, he emergency eyes looking at me. I can see he is anxious, because of the lack of jewelry is said to be in his more than ten years collect courtesan, a valuable, if brought back, he really will collapse. As a friend, of course not matter. I said to him, I go online to help you understand, call you tomorrow morning. This time, his mood and cool down.After home, I have my business friends, ask, this is him, he came to the old buried treasure. He said, I asked if he is really very easy to use, what are your enterprise, brand in the market to see, but also very complex. He reminded me to the regular place to buy. I ask him, you where to buy. He said, concrete is not clear, may be referred to as the gold prospecting network, told me to go online search.Down his cautious, so I use Baidu search" gold prospecting net", I ordered to find the first gold hand exploration is China's largest treasure instrument shop, I think customer service consulting, and understanding to gold prospecting, the network company has a history of 7 years, it is very worthy of trust, we ordinary people like it is safe and reliable. The mall is like Taobao, cash on delivery of online shopping sites, and can use Alipay transactions, I can rest assured.I told my friend gold prospecting in the customer service network, customer analysis, probing depth and environment, I recommend a so-called Japanese inugami generation metal detector. Customer service told me, a simple operation, it is suitable for beginners to use. I have listened to customer service advice, immediate booking customers tell me, but in order to delivery within 24 hours. I chose the cash delivery. Apparatus. The good news to my friends, listen to me, I am very glad, ask when I can receive the goods, I told him to wait for four days. ( reminded: for the convenience of the reader posted here, send the entrance http: / product / detail / 36.aspx ) order after the morning of the third day, I received a phone call, I ordered the goods to the logistics. I'll call my friends tell him the receipt. The goods without the problem of experience, give money to my friends, disease impact the instrument immediately lift home logistics, I have other things to do, you go get him. The results of the second day does not shine friends call me, angrily said to me, how to use the metal detector, I asked him not to, instructions, he said, but I don't understand. See this scene, I put the gold prospecting net sales of the phone and asked him, I called and gold exploration customer service communication network. After repeated communication, and hand teach my friends, he finally learned the use.This time, I accompany him to his home downstairs together find grass to search again for the first time without result, my friends are not happy, ask me this thing, No. I told him, absolutely useful, but you need a little patience. A friend to listen to my advice, to search again, this time, my friend very careful, very careful, did not miss any loopholes, finally, pays off, when the search to soil gap, to maintain a good metal detector, we know something, gently poke weed edges, sure enough, bright color, good quality, suspends in front of us gold and silver jewelry, my friend picked up a grip in the palm of a long, long time, in fact, as far as I know, he recovered feeling, of course, thanks to prospecting for gold metal detector in the network, without it, we would not be so easy to play, thanked.In, he 's in life, we may have accidentally very valuable and important gold and silver jewelry is very difficult to find the missing me before, I also have a gold ring in the pond, but I don't know how to do this, do not know this metal detector. So I said, friend, if you lose the metal collection, then, do not give up, because the metal detector, to help you, it can restore your collection dream undo changes.

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