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China in a metal detector to check whether the band knife guide parents questioned the boy

Girl student

Meet boy beep beep sound we thought a big deal.


My kids to respect without metal detector

School search tool control to ensure campus safety

Police. Metal detector! The two complexes, easy to cause intense feeling : movies like those EOD scenes, such as the airport entrance, such as the main hall entrance ... ...

17, it is now a Luzhou high school entrance. Into the school boys, the hand-held metal detector sweep," beep beep" sound, the boys just took out a lighter, next to the girls, then smiled at.

4 metal detectors to check for school students to a dagger recommended reading

Beijing workers a monthly income of 7500 yuan said there is no sense of security ( map) the central bank two or three season or interest

The NPC and CPPCC central intensive research in coastal areas of Hainan case cracked 72700000000 cases large underground BRIC attack the president the United States of America hereditary sets: 17 year old girl refuse courtship disfigured [ God ] limit for king Zhao Xiao: the United States of America surfaced this I am surprised at 17 PM, Luzhou high school students as usual to pay small the school gate. The door more than two police officers, their hands holding a thing, each from the school in boys, is this thing all over again" sweep", as seen in the movie plot. While the girls after, there is no question.

In the doorway, also stood a brand, writes" tool control check, thank you for your cooperation".

Small pay to hear people say, this thing is a metal detector. Suddenly, the police in a" sweeping" a boy, a metal detector sends" beep beep" sound! " We think there is a big problem." Xiao Fu said, the police 's request, the boy took out a lighter.

This test is designed to prevent students from bringing knives, check from that day 14 when begin, about half an hour after the end of. Because of in and out of school, is the main day students, therefore, the inspection is mainly aimed at the student. The inspection process, by the Luzhou District Public Security Bureau police station mountain Ping lead finish, the checks were to use 4 metal detector. Two in front, two in the back door use.

Luo officer introduction, the whole course of the examination, only from a male student who found a small dagger, police confiscated, at the same time, the school of education of the students. On the same day pay out of most is lighter. Individual students have smoke, have also been captured.

Metal detectors are offered by the school of each school will pay tool control

Reportedly, this is a school safety checks to pay, for control of the tool, to ensure campus safety. But these 4 metal detector, is provided by the Luzhou high school.

After school to the city office and the Municipal Public Security Bureau report, has been answered in the affirmative, the school also invited to perform police. Luzhou high school in charge of the safety of vice principal Liu Zhongkai thinks, this practice is considered as a law enforcement action, while the school only play with the role of. Liu Zhongkai thinks, carry knives, mostly boys," so, did not check girls."

The use of metal detectors to check the students, this is not the first time in Luzhou. Luzhou Laojiao ( 000568, shares ) Tianfu school had used the metal detectors to check the pocket. Luzhou City Department of education. Quanke chief Tao Junmei said yesterday, because in 2011 the college entrance examination requirements test school equipped with metal detectors," served as the Luzhou college entrance examination test of the school, mostly equipped with metal detectors, payment control tool is for that semester, school routine action, some schools may be in check for use."

This action caused parents questioned school that will increase the explanatory strength

Yesterday afternoon, Luzhou high school has no man using a metal detector to check.

But on the Internet, 17 of the examination has triggered a parents questioned. The parents said, on day 17, doll face at home. Know to check a afterwards, the parents think, this is the school in the use of metal detectors for children frisk, also called:" my children need to respect, without the need for metal detectors."

Liu Zhongkai also saw online on this comment," the vast majority of students and parents will support, we also can understand individual parents. This shows, explain job still does not reach the designated position. Then may also use metal detectors are similar to check. However, each inspection, we will be in the Public Security Bureau under the guidance of. We will also increase the interpretation work, strive for the understanding and support."

Authorities to respect students must respect the life safety

Luzhou City Department of education. Quanke chief Tao Junmei said yesterday, we should especially for students. Due to academic pressure and emotional distress and so on, students can also temper. If you don't start such action, the risk may be greater.

The so-called respect students, in fact, to respect, is the safety of the students, and previously asked the police to ransack compulsively knives, metal detectors to check more gentle, more respect for the students. This is the school in respect of students above a progress.

Chengdu Daily reporter Zhang Bingyao

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Law & Legal

Thai law firm lawyer Deng Qing: as a kind of common security equipment, the current law of our country yet to metal detectors using defined. If from this angle to ensure the safety of students, the school this behavior be without rebuke.

Lawyer Feng Jun: though law does not expressly require the use of the metal detector, but according to the custom, metal detectors at airports and other places will generally only use. According to the object, then it is not a specific risk groups. Obviously, the student does not belong to the high risk population. It may be suspected on the personality of the students of lower.

Parents & parents

Parents of school: support this behavior," anyway, schools are to doll security, in a sense, this is the school irresponsible."

Parents B: school exists big deal too. The school employs metal detector is searched, no respect to doll.

Students & Student

Student a: This is for everyone to safety, support school examination.

Student B: do not agree with the school examination, and, if you want to take the tool, even if the inspection is also can be carried into

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