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The 152single location security door

Technical parameters

Power source: AC220V / 50Hz

Power rate: < 35W

Size:2200mm ( high ) X800mm ( W) X500mm ( deep )

Channel size:2010mm ( high ) X700mm ( W) X500mm ( deep )

Machine weight: About 65kg

Work environment: - 20DEG C +45C

Standard: GB15210-2003" walk-through metal detector door general technical specification of national standard"

The national Ministry of public security" walk-through metal detector gate product quality inspection report"

The European CE certification, American FCC certification

Function characteristics:

Infrared technology: digital circuit design, through the infrared control, the anti-interference ability is enhanced ( such as large metal objects or magnetic interference ).

Partition position detection: a single detection location, simple design, easy operation.

Regional adjustable sensitivity: the highest sensitivity can detect the size of the metal clip content objects, such as mobile phone, keys can be excluded, belt buckle and other items (cumulative volume not greater than to detect objects ). Through the control panel according to the need for the program settings, ensure that the sensitivity settings with flexibility, reliability, stability.

Counting statistics function: on the radio infrared apparatus, rapid induction, can reduce false positives and false negatives, intelligent traffic and alarm counters automatic statistics alarm number and by the number of.

Alarm mode: sound and light alarm. Can adjust the volume.

Strong anti-interference: digital, analog and balance technology, to prevent false alarms, omitting, greatly improve the anti-jamming capability.

Produce goods of Art: adopt PVC material, added waterproof foot sleeve,

Secret code security guard: password protection, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, according to the needs of the password changes, provide the password recovery settings, higher safety.

Safety: with the current used by the international safety standards, using a weak magnetic field, the cardiac pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, floppy, films, video tapes and other sound.

Installation: Izzy Teng series metal detector gate is the integration of design, it takes only 20 minutes to install or disassemble the end, random with training and operating instructions.

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