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EAST-500security door technical parameters

EAST-500 is a Division I independent research and development and a new product, EAST metal detector door adopts the international advanced digital detection technology, dedicated to those who hide the metal and alloy products to prevent detection. It has high safety, strong applicability, high sensitivity, wide detection range, strong external interference resistance, to sound and light alarm simultaneously, in terms of quality, effectiveness, technical parameters have reached the world leading level. Can adjust the sensitivity, the maximum can detect the paper clip in small metal objects, and can be distinguished by the Tibetan areas of metal, the user can detect metal in accordance with the size, volume, weight and other settings, to rule out the possibility of coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckle and so on false alarm. The need to prevent the loss of precious metal objects places, such as industrial and mining enterprises, banks, private houses and other places,

Power: AC110V-220V / 50 Hz

Power: < 35W

Size:2200mm ( high ) X900mm ( W) X500mm ( deep )

Channel size:2010mm ( high ) X800mm ( W) X500mm ( deep )

Machine weight:75KG

Work environment: - 20DEG C +45C

Pulsed magnetic field.

The detection zone without blind zone, a detection zone each point detection and good uniformity, and to adjust the sensitivity of the ankle alone ( three different sensitivity).

The use of modular design, convenient installation, easy to eliminate fault.

The touch keys, simple, clear.

The built-in self diagnostic procedures, the power-on self test, error error. More flexible control, through the control panel can be conducted for all parameters programming design, to meet the various requirements of users.

The infrared device, can effectively reduce the false positives and false negatives, and automatically by the number of statistics, the number of alarm, alarm rate. Each program has a 200sensitivity level, according to the requirement of detection sensitivity can be adjusted to the appropriate automatic measurement and display of the disturbance of the ambient environment, contribute to the selection of installation site.

With the password protection function, only to enter the correct password to modify the parameters, the operating personnel can not change the security gate parameter settings, easy to manage.

. with the current used by the international safety standards, wear pacemakers, pregnant women, floppy disks, tapes and other harmless.

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