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East-158 LCD Walk through metal detector

Function and characteriatic

1. 5.7” LCD Display

2. Waterproof ourdoor

3. Triangle LED alarm area

4. 2 sides LED bars

5. 120 plinpoint lights

6. 50 M remote control


Detection Area: According to the basic structure of human body, The detector divide into multiple overlapping region, it use mesh detecting way and single frequency excitation technology, eliminate the weak of detection of the region and the blind spot area. It’s high sensitivity and stabler.

Alarm mode: Sound optional alarm,detect accurately the location of the metal objects through high alarm LED lights in the column.

Regional sensibility: The maximum sensitivity can detect the metal content of the clip sized object, the sensitivity level is between the 0-99 self-regulation and can be detected in accordance with all the requirement of all districts to place the appropriate regulator sensitivity, while the sensitivity to the overall regulation of the other, Preconfigured and metal detector object weight,volume, size.,position,remove keys, jewelry, belt buckle and false alarm.

Products craft: Using the PVC composite material( East-158 waterproof model) and special production process,waterproof and moistureproof, it’s luxurious aesthetic appearance and it is more suitable for large scale public place.

Intelligent and Statistics: Digital, analog and balanced technology to prevent the false alarm and omssion, greatly enhanced anti-jamming ability.

Security Protection: Using double password protected, alowing only authorized personnel to operate according to the need to modify the password and provide your password restore lost setting. Automatic storage parameters needn’t the use of an uninterruptible power supply protection, it’s more safer and convenient.

Eletormagnetic radiation: EMC electromagnetic radiation is in line with the standards, the use of a weak magnetic technology, it’s no effect to heart pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, the floppy disk, file and video tape.

Installation: East-158 metal detector adopts integrated design, only take 20 minutes to finish the installation or dismantlation randomly with the instruction of installation and debugging.

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