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The United States men's dissatisfaction with airport security inspection means naked

The United States a man with airport security, simply to strip naked. He was to disturb public order as well as the obscene crime to the police.

According to the report,49parties Brennan served in high-tech companies. 17, he was at the Portland airport to accept customs examination, inspection personnel to take off his shoes and undo the straps, and Brenan was off off. This move by surprise, the next person are startled, many with the child's mother quickly hands across the eyes of a child.

Crowd of passengers, people laugh, people take pictures. Brennan ignore the customs to him to put clothes on orders, customs had to pull him aside, give him a towel. He retained at the airport an hour, was taken away by the police, later released.

Brennan says, he did so is the spur of the moment. He thinks, airport security whole-body PET fashion, has infringed upon his privacy, he just took off, let them see clearly had no bomb.

Brennan think, it belongs to the scope of the protection of freedom of speech.

Brenan was repeatedly attacked the airport security on social networking sites, called an invasion of privacy. This is not the first time he has to express their political ideas and undresses. Portland every year a naked bike ride, to protest American dependence on oil, Brennan competed in three this activity.

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