Walk through metal detectors

EAST-33D walk-through metal detector

EAST-33D walk-through metal detector
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Details Of Product

Technics:adopted PVC material in this model,IP55 waterproof,luxury unique appearance design adapt to various exclusive and classic public places.

Six zones detector:with six parts overlapping distribution,can detect the accurate objects where they are hidden,and audible-visual alarms.

Alarm lamp LED display:it is adopted high definition technic,built-in the bilateral mast.

Sensitivity adjustable:can be separateed adjusting the sensitivity of every zone in 0-200 to meet your requirement.

Strong anti-jamming ability:adopted the digital balanced technology to prevent false and omitted alarming which greatly enhance the ability of anti-jamming.

Password protection:it is set and can be modified an administrator password exclusive by authorized person protection,support cipher memory system,more security.

Harmless:it accord with EMC electromagnetism radiation protection standard,harmless to people who have cardiac pacemaker inside and pregnant woman as well as many kinds of magnetic floppy disc and magnetic tapes.

Statistic function:intelligent traffic and alarm count,can automatically count a number of statistic,infrared device,fast sensitivity,efficiently to avoid distortion and failure.

Network connection:optional.with RS485 interface manage and monitor the network of group units.

Application scope:it is suitable the places as hardware jewelry factory,mine,bank,house to prevent the lost of valuables,and in airport,custom,jail,exhibition hall for security protection and prohibited articles check..

Remote control:optional,easy to control and program the unit far away.

Easy installation:the product is easy to install and take down according to the understandable operation specification in less than 20 minutes.

Technical Parameter

Power supply: AC100-240V/50-60Hz



Power cord length: 2m (6.5 ft)/4.2 m (13.8 ft)

Workplace environment: -20℃-+70℃

Overall dimension: 2200mm(h)X900mm(w)X580mm(d)

Tunnel dimension: 2000mm(h)X760mm(w)X580mm(d)

Weight: approximately 45 kg

Safety Standards

Confirms to the applicable international standards CE.EN50062-1,FAA for electrical safety and EMC.

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